Halom House, Inc. depends on the kind support of our donors to maintain our mission and support people with disabilities.  We are so grateful to each and every donor and appreciate the ongoing support.

Halom House, Inc. is a non-profit tax-exempt organization.  All donations to our organization are tax-deductible. Once a donation is received, we will send out a thank you note to the donor with the donation amount.  The donor can then use this as confirmation for tax purposes.

Many donors donate to Halom House, Inc. in "Memory of" and/or in "Honor of" someone.  Halom House, Inc. will notify anyone the donor identifies and alert him or her to the donation and the purpose of the donation.  Please just specify your wishes, the name of the individual and the address we should send the note.

 We have several methods of making a donation:

1.  Mail a check to Halom House, Inc. at 4680 Hunt Road Cincinnati, Ohio 45242.
2.  Use the PAYPAL button below to transfer your donation to our bank account.  (You must have a Paypal account).
3.  Transfer stock.  Please call Amy Fischer at 513-791-2912 ext. 7001 to make arrangements for this type of donation.

We are very sorry but we are not set up to receive donations by credit card.

Thank you for your consideration to make a donation to Halom House, Inc.  We honor and appreciate your on-going support.


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