Halom and Dream together, can change peoples lives forever

Halom House, Inc. has been a fixture of the Cincinnati Jewish community.  Providing housing and support for adults with disabilities in the area, has made Halom House, Inc. an essential element to living a complete life for over 55 people over the past 25 years.  The people Halom House, Inc. serves either live in our 8 person group home and/or receive services in their rented apartment.  

Over the past several years, Halom House, Inc. has learned that residents live a more fulfilled lifestyle when (1) they live in their own house, (2) they have steady housing without having to move, and (3) when they are in a “home”, not an apartment community.  Armed with this knowledge, and an incredible commitment to their cause, the Halom House Board decided that they must find a way to acquire houses for use by their clients.  Due to state regulations, Halom House, Inc. cannot own any new homes, so they put out the call to the Cincinnati Jewish community for advice.  The call was answered by several members of the community who agreed with the concept and passionately lent their support.  A new non-profit company called Dream House Homes, Inc. was established.


 The sole purpose of Dream House Homes, Inc. is to purchase, renovate and rent homes to people with disabilities.  

We are are pleased to announce the purchase of the first home in 2009. In August of that same year, our first two renters moved into their new home.  Dream House Homes, Inc. now provides two ladies with disabilities a safe and affordable home in the community of Blue Ash.  Halom House, Inc. provides the 24 hour services to these two women.    Acquisition of the home was made through the generosity of Mr. and Mrs. Morton Zeff. The feeling of the entire Board:  “Ann has been a guiding force behind Halom House, Inc. since it’s inception in 1984.  Ann & Mort’s generous donation to allow Dream House Homes, Inc. to purchase this home, will change our client’s lives and our community forever”.

Dream House Homes, Inc. intends for this initial purchase to be the model for an on-going program of acquiring houses and providing safe, affordable rental homes for people with disabilities.   As Jamie Steele, Secretary explains, “by creating Dream House Homes, Inc, we can provide a true, long-term home for people with disabilities.  We can reduce their cost of housing and eliminate the constant re-location that comes from negotiating with landlords that at times don’t view people with disabilities as ideal tenants.  We believe the community will be generous and donate to Dream House Homes, Inc. because they will be able to drive down the street and see exactly what their donation went for.  They helped to buy a home for someone who doesn’t have one.”  Beth Guttman, President of the Cincinnati Jewish Federation agrees with Jamie’s assessment – “this is a great step forward by a terrific organization – Federation applauds the generosity of Mr. and Mrs. Zeff and the commitment of the entire Halom House Board”.

In the fall of 2010, Dream House Homes, Inc. purchased a second home within the community of Blue Ash.  This home will be rented by two gentleman with disabilities.

Halom House, Inc. was established 25 years ago to take care of our most vulnerable members of our community.  Twenty-Five years later the dream continues with Dream House Homes, Inc.  Now we can also provide people with a safe, affordable homes.  Halom and Dream together can change peoples lives forever.

Dream House Homes, Inc’s Board of Directors are:
President:  John Silverman
Secretary:  James W. Steele
Vice President:  Jon Blatt
Vice President:  Herbert Weiss

Our First Dream Home 2009

Our 2nd Dream Home 2010

Our third Dream Home 2012